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GetnSmile is e-commerce platform, connecting factories&independent sellers from CIS countries and Turkey with American and European customers. Whether you are a company, factory, small business or individually owned handmade shop, you can register your account and become a vendor on GetnSmile, which will boost your customer base, minimize your costs and give the opportunity to go global without leaving your house!

  1. A Permission Certificate given to producer by State, an approved document (with notary approval in English)
  2. A Confirmatory Document which gives information about quality of product
  3. Production and Expiration Date
  4. “Made in” Label on product
  5. Display of production conditions (photo or video)
  6. Information about company (its goals, certificates, etc.)
  7. Transaction fee of 4.9% for each sold item.

The rules that applies for businesses which sell handmade products

  1. Producer’s TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number)
  2. Information about composition of product
  3. Side effects of substances in composition of product ( Allergy, Asthma, etc.)
  4. Transaction fee of 4.9% for each sold item.

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